Matthew and I are debating whether we should get our own posse or get some of those over-sized sunglasses designed to keep us from being recognized, now that we are big time.

Oh, that’s right. We are big time now and sure to be invited to all the A-list Hollywood poolside Catholic blogger parties. Why are we big time, you ask? Because our big fat heads are now to be seen at the newly re-launched National Catholic Register website.

As part of the relaunch there will be a greater emphasis on blogging and we will be joining Mark Shea, Danielle Bean, Jimmy Akin, Matthew Warner, Steven Greydanus, and others as part of the blogging team.

CMR will be unaffected by our new found celebrity other than the big sunglasses thing. In fact, Matt & I have plans for a lot of new things for CMR this year so stay tuned.

We are really looking forward to contributing our particular brand of inanity to the National Catholic Register, so be sure to check us and all the other bloggers there on a regular basis.

Gotta go now. I am going to walk around the mall until somebody recognizes me.