This is a good story.

Maddy Curtis of Bluemont, Virginia is the 9th child out of 12 which includes four Down Syndrome children (three adopted) and a darn good singer.

Maddy, daughter of pro-life activist and blogger Barbara Curtis, auditioned for American Idol and easily made it to the Hollywood round.

The entire Curtis family was received into the Catholic Church two years ago.

The wonderful part is that during her audition for Idol, producers highlighted the Down Syndrome children in her family and they quoted Maddy saying “I think some people are a little skeptical of Down syndrome. Those four boys bring out the best in every person they meet. They see the world in colors, and we need to see the world that way.”

I am now officially on the Maddy bandwagon which may go far given how terrific her audition was.

Watch the entire segment.