For what it is worth, the latest betting at Intrade has seen Scott Brown surge to a 67-35 lead. I know that Intrade has been a somewhat reliable prediction engine in the past and I hope it is correct now.

In my latest post at the National Catholic Register I take a look at the odd circumstances of the Massachusett(e)s Senate election in “Catholics Pray the Catholic Loses”

Pro-lifers everywhere are on pins and needles waiting to see the fate of the abortion funding Obamacare bill.

As Catholic pro-lifers we have tried everything we could to stop this bill or at the very least stop the funding of abortion. First there was the Stupak amendment, but as many congress-watchers knew at the time that it would likely make little difference. The real battle has always been in the Senate and they don’t care about abortion in the Senate. Heck, the ostensibly pro-life Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania folded before the cards were even dealt proving once and for all that the only life he is pro is his own.

But then, then…

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