New York state has some of the most liberal abortion laws in the country. The unborn are considered not human by the state. In fact, New York State is so liberal that they’ve refused to follow the model of dozens of other states who’ve passed homicide laws that recognize unborn victims.

However, I was perusing the New York State Department of Health’s website and came across a series of charts for minimum income levels to apply for state funded Medicaid insurance. One of the charts had this little phrase that surprised me a bit. It read:

“Pregnant women count as two.”


New York’s Department of Health actually wrote that “pregnant women count as two.”

So the NY State Dept. of Health is acknowledging the humanity of the person in the womb. Sometimes. If you want government funding, the baby counts as a human. But if the baby is killed (even against the mother’s will,) it doesn’t. Got it?

I’m not saying this will bring about any change in the law but what it does do is highlight the illogic of the pro-aborts. You can’t logically have the state say sometimes the unborn count as a person and sometimes they don’t. To do so would be…inhuman.