You may remember our friend Constance Mary Redoubt from some time ago.

Well Connie is back. She is back primarily because I had nothing else to write about today and nobody else is trying to keep alive the age old tradition of manufactured homespun wisdom. So here are some of Connie’s greatest hits.

Without further eloquence, the wit and wisdom of Constance Mary Redoubt.

Connie on Virtue

Character is what we do when no one is looking. Characters result when everyone is looking.

Virtue, like a golf swing, will quickly corrupt without sufficient practice.

Virtue is the bulwark of liberty and vice its soft underbelly.

Liberty is the freedom to seek virtue and it is virtue that distinguishes liberty from license.

On Liberty & Gov’t

Bureaucracy is a giant parasite that feeds exclusively on the liberty of man.

If freedom is nothing more than the ability to be better, Socialism heralds a people no longer interested in that ability.

A government by the people and for the people that does not seek the will of God will eventually subjugate the people.

Government cannot grant new rights without taking away old ones.

Tyrants, like vampires, must first be invited in.

Government, like ice, expands when things are coldest.


Nothing great was ever achieved without denying the obvious.

I believe our society, like our government, greatly undervalues the merits of doing nothing.

The side winning a debate never declares the debate to be over.

Liars cherish nothing more than the civility of those who know the truth.

Sap rises in the spring, but saps on the first Tuesday in November.

True of Science or religion, strong words are the best indicator of a weak faith.

On Science

Settled science is the dullest kind.

Why would anyone ever hire a settled scientist?

Can you get a PhD in settled science?

What’s the difference between a settled scientist and a lazy one?

Climate models are the Magic Eight-Balls of science and only slightly less accurate

Science is made infinitely simpler when you can dictate the outcome.