This is a pretty telling ad right now to gauge where the country is right now. This is honestly the first time I’ve ever heard a GOP candidate for federal office take on Planned Parenthood in an ad.

Colorado Senate candidate Jane Norton is proclaiming proudly in her ad that she defunded Planned Parenthood.

You know, we’ve all seen the polls saying we’re a pro-life nation so it’s nice to see a politician proudly proclaim it instead of all the hemming and hawing.

The good news is that Norton really did defund Planned Parenthood. LifeNews reports:

In 1984, Colorado voters approved the Abortion Funding Prohibition Amendment to the Colorado Constitution, which prohibits the direct or indirect use of public funds to pay for abortion.

In 2001, the Health Department, under then-Executive Director Jane Norton, conducted an audit of the operations of Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood and its affiliate Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains Services Corporation.

The department ended funding for Planned Parenthood after finding that it indirectly subsidized the abortion operations of its subsidiary.

It’s always driven me crazy that somehow Planned Parenthood receives millions in taxpayer money and somehow we’re supposed to believe that none of it goes to abortion because they say so. Shouldn’t we also consider that the government money frees up other money that goes towards abortion?

Well Jane Norton who’s been endorsed by the Susan B. Anthony List didn’t take them at their word. Good for her. For too long Planned Parenthood has been untouchable by politicians. I think the work of Lila Rose and many other pro-lifers is finally bearing fruit.