Whatever the sins of the media in covering abuse cases, and they are scarlet, the Church has to look at itself.

The Church teaches that torture is wrong but seems to ignore that teaching when it comes to itself. This slow water torture over years over the sins of the 70′-90’s is too much to take. It was the U.S. and some other places. Then it was Ireland. Now Germany.

If you are a Bishop anywhere in the world, please please get it all out in the open now. We must stop the never ending cycle. Clean up your act and lay your cards on the table, now.

The media will always find excuses, that is true enough. But let’s not give it to them. The only way to put this horrible time into our past is to admit it, all of it. Now. Purposely withholding sin in confession is, in and of itself, a serious sin. The same is true with this situation.. For any Bishop to knowingly continue to conceal any of these cases is terribly destructive to the Church.

Admit it all.

Admit it now.

And let’s be done with it.