This is what it has come to. This is what passes for reporting these days.

Here is a story about a new European Stock Index for companies that are socially responsible and operate within the guidelines of Catholic teaching. Ok that’s good right? The headline reads “Vatican backs new equities index” and then the lede states “Investors are being invited to put money into a new Catholic equities index that is being backed by the Vatican, at a time when the church is dealing with an increasing number of disaffected congregants in the wake of abuse allegations. “

The story is ostensibly about the index company Stoxx launching a new index. What the heck does that have to do with the abuse scandal? Absolutely nothing, of course, except the suggestion that the “Vatican” is behind the scheme.

But the article, it should come as no surprise, never establishes exactly how the Vatican is supposed to be backing this index. The only reference in the article is that someone in the “Vatican” sits on the advisory committee. Who? At what level? Never you mind.

The suggestion is clear, the VATICAN is trying get your money and they have had a scandal don’tcha know?.

May I once again suggest my helpful axiom that no reporter in the secular media should be allowed to use the word “Vatican” unless they have an actual quote from a senior member of the curia.

This bit of reporting is really shameful. An independent company launching a new stock index is seen as an occasion to beat the Church over the abuse scandal. Shameful.

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