This story is going to confuse the heck out of wacko environmentalists. On the one hand Dignitas, the euthanasia nuts responsible for the death of over a thousand people, are killing people. Yay! That’s great for the environment that all those CO2 emitting humans are now emitless.

But now the bad news. They’re dumping the remains (urns and all) into a nearby lake. Perhaps even hundreds of them.

I’m not sure if Dignitas is going to need to buy some carbon offsets or if they just have to promise to kill a lot more people. I’ll have to ask Ed Begley. (Does he even have a phone?)

The ironic part of all this is that Dignitas’ big catchphrase is “Death with Dignity.” Getting poured into an urn and dumped in a lake is dignified? Someone should tell Luca Brasi.

The UK Times reports:

The controversial Swiss suicide clinic Dignitas is likely to come under fresh scrutiny after divers discovered dozens of cremation urns on the bed of Lake Zurich.

“After 50, we stopped counting,” Roman Ruetz, a police diver, said. “They lay there in a big heap.” On being brought to the surface the urns were found to contain ashes…

One former employee and long-standing Dignitas critic, Soraya Wernli, told The Times 18 months ago that the clinic had dropped at least 300 urns in the lake.

The clinic has assisted in the suicide of about a thousand people, most of them terminally ill, and at least 115 Britons have travelled to the Zurich apartments run by the organisation to end their lives. The clinic is shrouded in secrecy, operating within cantonal law yet exploiting the loopholes in legislation from across Europe. Most secret of all is the disposal of remains: for some families touched by so-called suicide tourism, it is unthinkable to bring back bodies or ashes…

Disposing of large numbers of urns containing human remains requires a commercial licence in Switzerland. Breaches carry a maximum three-year jail sentence or £30,000 fine.

This is great. It reminds me of Al Capone heading to the hoosegow for tax evasion. Now these imbeciles who’ve killed thousands might go to jail for polluting. Ha! Let’s see how much dignity they find in Gen-Pop.