The Arizona Immigration Bill is ten pages long yet three…count ’em….three(!!!) high ranking Obama administration officials have admitted publicly that they haven’t read the bill even though they’ve all criticized it.

Here’s the thing. A lot of people are freaking out that these boobs haven’t read the bill. But I believe they’re saying they haven’t read the bill simply as a dodge to avoid answering questions as to what’s wrong with the bill.

Look at it. After Attorney General Eric Holder said in front of the country that he hadn’t read the bill wouldn’t you think the White House would’ve pointed out to its people that to avoid further embarrassing the administration they should all read the bill before speaking publicly about it. But far from administration officials downloading and reading the bill so as to avoid embarrassing the administration, saying that they hadn’t read the bill now seems to be an administration talking point.


This tactic keeps them from having to substantiate their claims that the bill is racist or anti-immigrant. It’s talk about the specifics of the bill that worries them and saying they haven’t read the bill leaves them free to spout off generalities about racism and anti-immigrant fervor and racial profiling.

The Obama administration knows that there’s nothing in the bill that they can get all worked up over as the Arizona bill is almost exactly the same as existing federal laws. The bill itself actually forbids racial profiling.

I think they probably read it but following the wisdom of Mark Twain, these people would rather be suspected of being fools rather than opening their mouths and proving it. But so important is the White House’s ability to accuse conservatives of racism and anti-immigrant that the Obama administration would rather be seen as lazy and incompetent than unable to accuse Republicans of racism.

Assistant Secretary of State PJ Crowley