Peace boats are all the rage these days. (Get it?)

So I says to myself I says, “Patrick, you gots to get in on all this peace, love, and tolerance. You know, the kind of peace, love, and tolerance that is defined as in your face provocation and incitement to violence. That’s my kind of peace, love, and tolerance.”

So I was thinking. Why can’t we have our own peace boat? Or our own flotilla of peace? We could rent some of those party boats, you know the kind used for booze cruises, load them up with beer, wine, pulled pork, and rosaries and cruise right on in the port of Mecca. (Yes I know.)

I am sure that our Muslim brothers and sisters wouldn’t mind. I mean, they have been going on all week how any civilized country needs to treat interlopers with respect and such so I am sure they won’t mind.

Why, of course they won’t mind. When we come cruising down the Red Sea in the SS. Lepanto, I am sure they will be so excited they will break out the belly dancers. Which is great, because I understand the peace-loving Jews (with guns) they we have aboard just loves them some belly dancers.

Oh, look! They are so excited to see us they have broken out the fireworks….

Isn’t peace fun?!?

For our next peace boat, we are going to load up a boat filled with angry Arizonans and some out of work Guatemalans and cruise right into Guadalajara. Its all good! Who is bringing the salsa and chips?