Who cares about taxpayer money going to kill babies every three or four seconds, THERE’S A BUDGET DEFICIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That seems to what Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels (R) thinks the next President’s thoughts should be on social issues. This is especially concerning coming from Mitch Daniels as many believe Mitch Daniels could be the next president.

I hope not.

The Weekly Standard blog has some disturbing takeaways from an interview with Daniels:

Mitch Daniels told THE WEEKLY STANDARD’s Andy Ferguson that the next president “would have to call a truce on the so-called social issues. We’re going to just have to agree to get along for a little while,” until economic issues are resolved. This morning, at the Heritage Foundation, I asked Daniels if that meant the next president shouldn’t push issues like stopping taxpayer funding of abortion in Obamacare or reinstating the Mexico City Policy banning federal funds to overseas groups that perform abortions. Daniels replied that we face a “genuine national emergency” regarding the budget and that “maybe these things could be set aside for a while. But this doesn’t mean anybody abandons their position at all. Everybody just stands down for a little while, while we try to save the republic.”

To clarify whether Daniels simply wants to de-emphasize these issues or actually not act on them, I asked if, as presdient, he would issue an executive order to reinstate Reagan’s “Mexico City Policy” his first week in office. (Obama revoked the policy during his first week in office.) Daniels replied, “I don’t know.”

This doesn’t sound like the kind of guy who can save a republic. Sounds to me like he thinks the fiscal issues poll a lot higher than the social ones so he thinks telling social conservatives to shut up, take it and smile for a while so he can have his shot at being President.

Not me.

This tension between social conservatives and fiscal conservatives has been a long and difficult one. For too many years, social conservatives accepted so-called truces in the name of electing Republicans which simply meant that social conservatives lost.

Daniels received the endorsement of Indiana’s Right to Life PAC in 2008 but it looks like much has changed. It always seems to, doesn’t it? But let’s face it, if Mitch Daniels isn’t going to stand up and fight for life, why should we believe he’s anymore serious about anything other than Mitch Daniels.