President Barack Obama and the sacred bond in his Father’s Day Proclamation.

From the first moments of life, the bond forged between a father and a child is sacred.

The bond between the mother and child, apparently not so much.

While I agree with what the President said, pardon me if I question his sincerity. Even if, using the poor logic and science of the pro-aborts, he refers to the first moments of life as coming after birth he is still disingenuous. He is, after all, the same guy who opposed life saving treatment for infants who survive an abortion attempt. Not even NARAL opposed that legislation — but Barack Obama did.

He is also the same man who infamously referred to babies as punishments.

Moreover, in Obama’s vision for the world, the bond between father and child only begins if Mom says so.

So, in the spirit of truth, I offer some amended language that I think more accurately reflects the President’s thinking on the matter.

From the first moments life, the bond formed between a father and a child is irrelevant if:

The mother views the child as a potential punishment or

The birth was not intended but realized only accidentally as the result of a failed murder attempt or

The mother decides this is not a good time for a baby or

The child is prenatally diagnosed with an convenient disease or syndrome or merely a cleft palate or

The mother allows the birth but doesn’t like the father anymore.

Who knew that sacred bonds could have so many caveats?