Time Magazine is covering what they call the “abortion wars.” And they choose to investigate one side particularly closely based on a documentary coming out by the makers of the anti-Christian doc “Jesus Camp.” Can you guess which side they’re looking into? The one that kills babies or the one that asks people not to kill their babies?

Because you know, it’s not like Lila Rose ever found anything particularly interesting in her undercover forays into Planned Parenthood like lying about medical facts or covering up crimes or anything.

I’m not going to go into the whole piece (which is as biased as you’d expect) but this paragraph just jumped out at me. Time writes:

While “12th and Delaware” refrains from taking a position on CPCs, it shows what some view as manipulative practices to influence prospective mothers — describing abortion practices in vivid detail, for example, or writing “Hi, Mommy” on an ultrasound. The center “uses a lot of alarming, scary language and photographs that you don’t typically see in a doctor’s office,” says Grady. “If I was an 18-year-old girl that was in crisis, that would really scare me.”

So the cpc is “scary” because they explain what the abortion clinic actually does in reality? How about the abortion clinic is scarier for what they don’t tell or show you?

And here’s a little thought for you – If “Hi Mommy” is scary to you maybe you’re the scary one. Just a thought.