Wow. How bad do you have to be for Planned Parenthood to distance itself from you? That’s got to be like getting kicked out of Guns and Roses or getting booted out of Congress for ethics violations.

I mean, Planned Parenthood is an organization that kills babies for a living. I mean, that’s what they do. And if you watch Lila Rose’s videos they also routinely lie to young women about the babies in their womb, give medically inaccurate information, agree to allocate money towards killing specifically black babies, and routinely cover up rape.

Yet somehow one abortion clinic still managed to somehow shame Planned Parenthood and lose the right to call themselves a “Planned Parenthood” abortion clinic. What could it have been? Was it maybe killing an 18 year old girl? reports:

The local San Francisco, California affiliate of Planned Parenthood where teenager Holly Patterson died from using the dangerous RU 486 abortion drug has lost its affiliation with the national abortion business. The decision is not related to Patterson’s death but is said to be because of management problems.

Planned Parenthood Golden Gate will not longer be a Planned Parenthood affiliate as of September 3, according to the Bay Citizen newspaper.

Management problems? What could that mean? Karen Ruffato, VP of Planned Parenthood affiliate services, was quoted saying, ““They were not meeting our standards for administrative and fiscal management.”

So they weren’t bringing in the cash? The fact that they killed a girl wasn’t a good reason but a little poor fiscal management and suddenly they weren’t fit to hold the precious moniker of “Planned Parenthood.”

But remember Planned Parenthood isn’t about money. They’re all about the peeps, well not really little people or women for that matter but other than them they’re all about people.

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