The awesome Zip over at Weasel Zippers makes an awesome point.

Managing editor of Time Magazine Richard Stengel had the following to say this weekend about their decision to publish the admittedly U.S. damaging leaked documents from Wikileaks: “You know, our job is to publish and be damned…But our job is not to protect the U.S.”

Zip nails him on this point saying “So if they were given a list of all late-term abortion doctors they’d “publish them and be damned?”

Never in a million years.

Always remember that our media hates the U.S. , the same media that refused to publish the leaked climategate docs on the pretense that they were illegally obtained did not hesitate one second to publish the illegally obtained wikileaks docs.

In the 1991 movie the Rocketeer (remember that one), the criminal guy makes the decision to side with the G-men against the Nazis. When the G-men look surprised, the criminal says “I may not make an honest buck, but I’m 100% American…”

Only in the movies I guess.