What some women will do for a sale!!

A WOMAN staged her abduction just to see if her husband would pay £20,000 to get her back.

But she was arrested in the car park of a shopping centre on her way to the sales – just 30 minutes after picking up the bag with the ransom money.

Her horrified husband had been sent a photo on his mobile phone showing his wife’s bound feet and hands.

A text message demanded £20,000 for her release, along with a warning not to tell anyone. But the man, who has not been named, went to Spanish police who launched a search and planted a tracking device with the ransom.

Officers followed her car to a ­shopping centre in Gandia and arrested her. She claimed her captors had freed her but later confessed to faking the kidnapping “to find out what her husband would be willing to do for her”.

A police statement said: “The woman, who was travelling alone and was in perfect health, was the supposed victim of the kidnapping.”

One officer said: “The sales are on and she had a suitcase full of cash.”

She might like the sales but she is certainly no bargain.

Attention S-Mart shoppers, there is a blue-light special on orange jumpsuits and barrels full of stupid.