The comment box in the blogosphere, or combox, is the wild wild west of the internet. In the combox you can and will meet all kinds of strange and wondrous characters.

The combox in the Catholic interwebs has its own cast of characters. I suspect that your average Catholic blog reader probably has never, or very rarely, left a comment on a post. They read what you have to say and if you are really, really lucky, they might think about it for a moment. Those are the readers. Commenters are a different ball of wax. Commenters, and you know who you are, have opinions and they…well they have opinions.

Having been around the Catholic blogging game for a few years now, certain easily identifiable personality types emerge in the combox. I hear tale that there are those who have actually read your entire post and write to make a cogent and civil point to add to the discussion. I hear tales of these commenters–and unicorns. Unicorns mostly. Although I am quite sure that this description will apply to everyone who comments on this post. Quite sure. đŸ˜‰

Beyond the mythical commenter mentioned above, I think we have all become familiar with the rest of the characters. So let’s meet them.

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