There has been a lot of commentary these past days on the new I-Phone app that helps you prepare for confession.

Here is, officially, the stupidest commentary you will see on the subject. Courtesy of, who else, Maureen Dowd.

¶ Our Father, who art in pixels,.

¶ linked be Thy name,

¶ Thy Web site come, Thy Net be done,

¶ on Explorer as it is on Firefox.

¶ Give us this day our daily app,

¶ and forgive us our spam,

¶ as we forgive those

¶ who spam against us,

¶ and lead us not into aggregation,

¶ but deliver us from e-vil. Amen.

¶ Nothing is sacred anymore, even the sacred. And even that most secret ritual of the Roman Catholic faith, the veiled black confessional box.

She goes on to say…

The app also tailors the questions if you sign in as a priest or a “religious.” For instance, if you say you’re a female and try to select “priest” as your vocation, a dialogue box appears that says “sex and vocation are incompatible.” So much for modernity.

Modernity. MoDo is oh so modern. MoDo is so modern that she probably has an I-Phone App for I-Diots to mail in their NY Times column with little or no thought or effort involved. On second thought….