Hooray for the Egytpian people. Well, except if you happen to be in the 20% of the population that is Coptic Christian. If you are part of that 20%, then sorry dude.

Look, you can’t say you are surprised by this.

Egypt’s military has struck a committee to write a new constitution. The exercise is expected to complete in ten days and brought before the Egyptian people for a vote in two months.

While the panel includes a member of the Muslim Brotherhood there are scarcely any Coptic Christians on the committee while women have been left off the committee altogether.

The exclusion of Coptic Christians is particularly galling when one considers the New Year’s Massacre of Copts in Alexandria which resulted in the deaths of 21 people. It seems the Egyptian military and the Muslim Brotherhood are determined to keep Coptic Christians even more marginalized in a post-Mubarak Egypt.

Of course, President Obama, will demand proper representation for the Copts, just like he did the Muslim Brotherhood, right? Right?

We should remember that President Obama is the same guy who, when the New Year’s Christians attacks occured, suggested that it was an attack on Muslims too. It wasn’t.

So just as the the Egyptian people found that they were on their own in deposing Mubarek, Copts, you are on your own in not getting massacred. Have a nice day.

Ht GatewayPundit