How absolutely awesome is this story? A pizza place owner just outside Philadelphia concocted a super duper evil genius plan to take down his competitor by…(insert evil villain music here) releasing mice in their bathroom ceiling.

The particulars of the awesomely super duper practically foolproof evil genius plan were 1)Walk in with a bag full of mice, 2) ask to use the bathroom, 3)insert bag of mice into the drop ceiling, 4) buy a bag of chips to allay suspicion, 5) leave and giggle like a schoolgirl that all his evil plans are about to come to fruition while rubbing hands together.

Unforeseen faults in his super evil genius plan were 1) He walked into the bathroom with a bag and walked out without one, alerting an employee to check the bathroom. 2) He didn’t wipe the toilet seat, leaving his footprints on the seat so said employee looked in, saw the footprints and reached up into the ceiling and found the bag while the evil genius was still allaying suspicion by buying a bag of chips. 3) He didn’t know there were two detectives eating lunch there at that moment.

The employee picked up the bag and brought it out to two detectives who looked inside and arrested the evil genius as he was walking away from the most super duper evil genius plan like…evah.

Now that would be an awesome story right there. But that’s not even the best part. This from the Philadelphia Daily News may be the greatest interview since TMZ’s Charlie Sheen interview:

But an employee who answered the phone at Galiatsatos’ pizzeria last night – which was open – said business has been good.

“We were doing so well. I don’t understand what’s going on,” he said. “I’m baffled as to why anybody would do something like that.”

The worker, who asked to be identified only as Nick G., said he was just an employee but added, “I’m probably going to be a manager now.”

He said someone called him in to work yesterday and told him there was an emergency but did not explain what it was. “I’m like a mushroom kept in the dark inside of s— all day,” he said. “I have no idea what’s going on.”

This pizza place is full of geniuses. I just love how this is going on and Nick G. sees it all as working out awesomely awesome for him because it looks like with the boss spending time in jail there just might be an opening for a management position.

In fact, this worked out all a little too well for Nick G. which makes me wonder if this was all part of his super duper evil genius foolproof plan. Hmmmmm….