Oh if only abortion were completely legal this never would’ve happened. Oh wait….

LifeNews.com reports:

A Planned Parenthood in Everett, Washington sent a woman to the hospital late Friday following a botched abortion and the head of the local abortion business is coming under fire for her response to the events.

Local pro-life advocate Mary Emanuel was at the abortion facility at the time and snapped pictures of the ambulance that whisked the woman away from the Everett Planned Parenthood.

“We are still investigating as to the severity of the botched abortion and only pray that it was not fatal or caused serious injuries,” she said.

Read the rest at LifeNews.com to read how the Planned Parenthood folks seems pretty darn intent on covering up by holding up big blue and white umbrellas, huge white poster boards, and a flattened cardboard box to obstruct the view of onlookers.

Hey, I wonder if all that federal funding that no way no how goes to abortion (wink)maybe goes to covering up botched abortions?

Now, this was seen by an eyewitness, one has to wonder how often this occurs and it’s never known by the public because there’s no pro-life protester outside.

Prayers for all involved.