Attention rank and file Republicans in the House. Your leadership has lied to you and lied to us. First they promised to cut $100bn, then $61bn, then cut a deal at$38bn only to have us find out that it was really only $15bn but only really cuts $352 million which, coincidentally enough, is almost exactly how much federal funding goes to Planned Parenthood.

So rank and file Republicans in the House, we have established that your leadership are liars of the worst sort. They have cut a deal that in all its essentials is a LIE. Believe it or not, you do not need to go along with it. If you do, you are liars too.

So, last chance. Show some backbone and reject the lie of a budget deal. Yes, the public will blame you for a time if the gov’t shuts down. So what? It is the right thing to do. Grow a pair.

NRO is reporting the the GOP leadership is still lobbying for votes. I don’t really believe. Ya know why? Because the Republican leadership are proven liars. But, for the sake of argument, let’s assume the Republican die is not already cast in the kiln of cowardice. Let’s assume that there are still Republicans actually interested in doing the right thing. This would be your last chance.

You can still do the right thing. Don’t worry about your leadership in Congress, worry about your leadership in the country. Yeah, us. Do the right thing or we comin’ to getcha.

Ok, fantasy time is over. Republicans will vote for this lie because they are cowardly liars. That is what cowardly liars do. But on the remote chance that I am just a little too cynical, know this.

This is your last chance to do the right thing. If you don’t do this, if you don’t fight on this then you will lose every battle in the future too. The debt limit? You will lose. The Ryan plan? You will lose. Cowards cannot not come out on top in a negotiation. So this is it. Pick this fight or there won’t be any other fights to pick.

Do it. Do it now.