Who killed Rosie Larson? That is the question posed by A&E’s The Killing.

How many of you have been watching it? If you haven’t, you don’t know what you are missing.

The show is sad, frustrating, slow, and extraordinarily well acted. In short, it seems so real.

The lead detectives on the show do not even seem like they are actors. The former narc turned homicide detective played by Joel Kinnaman is scary real as is lead detective Mireille Enos. The guy who plays Rosie’s father, played by Brent Sexton is just scary. He is the kind of big and scary guy that ninjas run away from. Everyone is so good on the show, which is good since everyone is also a suspect.

Are you watching this show?

Right now, my money is on the Aunt. Most people over at the AMC website think it is the father’s assistant Belko Royce, but he gives off a semi-obvious creep vibe that I think is meant to distract. I think it is the aunt. She has been super-helpful and she just returned Rosie’s books that were in her car.

I like her for the crime.

What do you think?