Many people have been disgruntled with they perceive to be a weak Republican presidential field. I am one of them.

I have been hoping that someone, even someone who has previously said no, might join the race and save it from the Legion of Boring. Someone pro-life. Someone conservative. A true believer.

And now the rumor is that a big name may jump into the race. Rudy Giuliani.

Boring never looked so good.

CBS’s Jan Crawford Tweeted

Rudy is “very close” to jumping into the presidential race, Rep. Peter King says at a dinner in DC tonight

Gosh I hope not. I wish to make clear, and I hope that every pro-life conservative makes very clear, at the outset that I will NEVER EVER EVER vote for Rudy Giuliani.

As a Catholic, I could never support the man. As a conservative, I could never support the man. No way. No how. I would vote for Newt first, and that ain’t never gonna happen.

I would take Paul Ryan (even though he would get creamed), I would take Jeb Bush. I would even, for kicks and giggles, take Saracudda. But never ever Rudy.

I suppose he figures with the field as weak as it is that Republican primary voters might overlook the fact that he is a liberal. Well not me.

I am this close to voting a third party as it is, Rudy gets the nod and I will never vote for him. And I do believe I am not alone.

Giuliani? Are you kidding me? Never!