Can I be truly pro-life and Republican? That is the question with which I have been wrestling.

Let me start by saying that this is not a political post in the classic sense. I like to write political posts because politics is the front line of the culture war. Politics is where we keep the barbarians outside the gate as best we can, but this is not that kind of post. Let me also say that I have no firm conclusion to my opening question. In this post I am thinking out loud, letting you know what I struggle with in the hopes that someone maybe has an answer or even an approach to an answer that can help settle this question in my mind.

I know that no matter how I look at this, many people will tell me that I am looking at it the wrong way. I accept that. But that said, I have distilled my thinking down to a few points that I think are relevant. I am sure there are more relevant points, but this is where I am at.

Supporting the Democrat party is impossible for me, life is just too important and the Democrat party is committed heart and soul to abortion on demand. So they are out.

So for me that leaves either the Republican party, a third party, or becoming an independent one issue voter. It is a purity thing. I would love to have a party that is 100% committed to life AND has broad general support. This, unfortunately, is not an option.

I have been giving this question much thought, is it better…

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