I think that Michael Voris makes some excellent points in this hard hitting video.

Longtime readers of CMR know that I have no problem taking off the gloves from time to time. Voris is exactly right that some leaders within the Church, even if not in direct cahoots with their heretical friends, aid and abet in the false effort to be nicey nice.

I have written on the need for abrasive attention getting tactics from time to time. Here at CMR, the gloves frequently come off. But then again, CMR is not a big Catholic Media establishment (Yet).

But both Matthew and I are fortunate to write for Big Catholic Media (National Catholic Register) and occasionally I have taken the gloves off there too. Now while they do have certain reasonable editorial policies that we must adhere to, they have never once pulled a post of mine or even had me include serious edits. The only thing I have had to from time to time shut the combox down when people get a little crazy.

And of course the parent company of the Register is EWTN whose founder famously said “I am so tired of you, liberal church in America … I resent your pushing your anti-Catholic, ungodly ways upon the masses in this country” and got into quite the tussle with some left coast Cardinal. Not very nicey nice.

However, all that said, I think Voris is right that more consistent criticism must be leveled at each of the falsehoods that he correctly identifies and those who aid in its dissemination called out by everyone in the Church.

I think the gloves should come off more often, but we should probably leave the tin foil at home. For now.