Step one in a long legal battle if in which Indiana succeeds would become Planned Parenthood’s Waterloo.

Final arguments have been filed in Planned Parenthoods suit to try and overturn Indiana’s ban on abortion providers as qualified Medicaid providers.

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -Attorneys for Planned Parenthood of Indiana and the state have filed final arguments for a federal judge hearing the organization’s request for an injunction blocking a tough new abortion law that takes away about $1.4 million of its public funding.

Planned Parenthood attorney Ken Falk of the American Civil Liberties Union argues in a brief filed Tuesday that Judge Tanya Walton Pratt should accept the authority of Medicaid Administrator Donald Berwick in a June 1 letter to his Indiana counterpart saying federal law states beneficiaries can obtain general health services from any qualified provider.

Indiana Solicitor General Thomas Fisher, in his final brief Monday, said the letter was the first step in a lengthy process over whether Indiana can disqualify Planned Parenthood.

Pratt plans to rule by July 1.

Lots of IFS here, but…

If Indiana sticks to its guns and

If Indiana forces the Obama administration to cut off Medicaid funds…

If Indiana prevails in the courts then

This may very well be the biggest pro-life victory since Roe v. Wade for many States would follow Indiana’s lead and Planned Parenthood would be left reeling.

Keep Praying. This will be a long one.