What are the odds?!?!

This is the conversation I had with my wife when I came home from work today.

Wife: Hi honey. I saw Anthony Weiner today.

Me: Yeah, I saw that video too.

Wife: No honey, I saw Anthony Weiner today. And Huma too.

Me: What? I don’t understand…

Wife: I was walking into the supermarket and he and Huma were walking out. I knew him right away. They must be on their way out to the Hamptons. (Note: Everyone who drives to the Hamptons goes right past neighborhood.)

Me: Are you sure it was him?

Wife: I would know that nose and that body anywhere.

Me: Take it easy!!! Seriously? Whoa!!! Did you say anything to him?

Wife: I was going to ask him if he needed help with his package, but I decided against it.

This is a true story.