Michael Voris, fellow traveler in the “use sledgehammer to kill a mosquito’ style of Catholic commentary, gives it to all his detractors in his latest video.

The point he makes, and I will leave it to you to judge the veracity and fairness of his claim, is that many of the same people who routinely chide him for lack of charity have been happily feeding on the carcass of Corapi’s priesthood. Hypocrisy says he.

In my own defense, I was initially supportive of Corapi (and still think he has some valid points even if he has gone about everything in the worst possible way). That said, I have never chided anyone about tone. I like tone. Lots of tone. If you are going to criticize or critique, then have at it. In this way, Voris and I are kindred spirits.

Now that said, I don’t agree with him on the professional Catholic thing. Nobody is getting rich off online Catholic commentary. Nobody. So the idea that some Catholic commentators go easy on heterodox Bishops ’cause they are in it for the money doesn’t hold water in my opinion. For instance. Say what you want about Mark Shea (and many people do), but he is not getting rich and he is certainly not afraid to make enemies throughout the Church.

So I get Voris’ point about those who frequently criticize his ‘uncharitable’ tone opening up the floodgates of the river tone on Corapi. But I think he misses the mark on motive.