What is the deal with the deal?

Still waiting to see all the details but so far, I am ambivalent to disappointed. Some perspective may show why.

Six months ago when Republicans completely capitulated on the CR/gov’t shutdown, we were told to accept the zero cuts they got in that deal because the debt limit would be the thing. The debt limit debate is where the Dems really wanted something and the Republicans had all the leverage. “Just wait, we will show you.” we were told.

As far as I can tell, the only thing that Republicans can point to as a victory in this debate is that there are no tax hikes, for now.

The chances of us ever seeing a Balanced Budget Amendment out this approximates Charlie Sheen winning a humanitarian award this year. The vaunted future cuts will not materialize because they are down the road and that future Congress can do what it wants, promises be damned. If the across the board cuts happen, they hurt the military the most when there is so much other crap that should be cut first.

The Republicans squandered their position of strength because the Dems knew that they were too chicken to let the debt limit come and go. They would never roll the dice because they were too afraid of being blamed. Position of strength, gone. Leverage, gone. Were it not for a handful of tea partiers, even the crumbs we got would have been lost.

So no tax hikes. That’s all. That is the great victory. The government continues its inexorable growth. Republicans suck.