A former Planned Parenthood director and present overpopulation lunatic is saying that Obama’s plan to force all insurance companies to cover contraception and abortifacients without a co-pay is saying it’s just a good start…you know, kinda’ like China’s one-child policy.

I won’t bore you with the whole letter from former Planned Parenthood Director Norman Fleishman. I’ll cut right to the worst nugget he wrote in The Napa Valley Register:

Unless we act (this legislation, along with China’s “one child” policy, is a start), the world is doomed to strangle among coils of pitiless exponential growth.

The sad part is that you know he worked on that phrase “strangle among coils of pitiless exponential growth.” He’s probably real proud of it too.

I always wonder about someone who was in charge of killing babies for a living, calling anything “pitiless.”

Lisa Graas of Live Action discovered it and wrote:

Will Planned Parenthood denounce this statement from Fleishman? No, because this is what Planned Parenthood is really about. Planned Parenthood receives a great deal of funding from pro-abortion population control activists, including Bill Gates and many others.

This, of course, is what Big Abortion is all about. It’s not about “choice.” It’s never been about “choice.” It’s a hatred of humanity established as policy.

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