Reports have abounded around the Internet Sunday night. By the time you read this, things may or not have significantly changed. But the situation, as it seems right now is that Libyan rebels have been continually pushing back loyalist troops and have now entered Tripoli. It now seems that brutal Qaddafi’s 42 year rule is effectively over. And while Qaddafi’s fate is not yet known, it seems the Libyan rebels have won the day.

With all the talk of Libyan rebel’s victories and advances with our military help, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that President Obama got us involved in Libya under the pretense of a pending humanitarian crisis. We had no choice but to go in and protect the same people now rejoicing in victory in Tripoli, remember?

It should be evident that from the beginning, this was not an effort to prevent a human disaster. It has been from the beginning, the US taking sides in a civil war. That, by itself, does not make it bad policy. Qaddafi and his regime are evil. But this outcome, military intervention in a civil war to remove Qaddafi from power, is exactly what President Obama told the nation would be a mistake. Not my words, his.

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