It has been a while, but our resident aphoristinista, Constance Mary Redoubt, felt the need to weigh in with her words of timeless wisdom. Timeless meaning silly and/or inappropriate, of course. (Some old and some new.)

When level playing fields become level outcomes, all becomes slanted.

Truman: The buck stops here. Obama: The buck stops.

If the founding fathers saw what is happening in our country today, they would have their slaves turn them over in their graves.

The Arab spring is like Lindsay Lohan’s first day out of rehab. You can hope for the best, but don’t plan on it.

Human rights and Sharia law go together like peanut butter and sulfuric acid.

Economic growth is directly proportional to the amount of free parking spaces in DC.

‘Smart Government’ is an oxymoron designed to sell Gov’t programs to actual morons.