In recent days it’s come to light that many black people are living in fear in Libya. Black immigrants who came to Libya as workers are suspected of being loyalists to Qaddafi. They are subjected to arrest or worse.

The reporting on this has been strong. Much of it I’ve been impressed with. And pretty immediately it’s apparent who’s in danger from who. Poor, young blacks have become targets of Libyan rebels because they fear that they’re mercenaries in the employ of Qaddafi. It’s clear reporting.

Check out these headlines:

“Black migrants now live in fear in Libya”

-Los Angeles Times

“Libyan rebels round up black Africans”

-The Associated Press

“Poor, young blacks become rebel targets”

-Minneapolis Star Tribune

But sadly, one has to wonder why we’re getting obfuscation on other stories of murder and violence. Today, Reuters ran this headline: “Youths Kill Family of 8 in Restive Central Nigeria.”

Youths? Family of eight? What’s really going on there? As I’m sure you guessed, what really happened was that a Christian family of 8 was hacked To death by Muslim attackers.

The headline in this case is created almost for the sole purpose of obfuscating what actually happened. This goes on all the time now. In fact, the word “youth” has almost become code for rampaging and murderous Muslim gangs.

The thing is, I don’t think the media hold this stuff back because they love Muslims so much. I think what’s really at issue here is that they don’t trust Christians not to get carried away by this news. They don’t trust Christians not to start attacking Muslims. Christians are those gun-toting bitter clingers, you know. They don’t trust you and me so they think they’re actually helping to achieve peace by covering up the motive of murder.

Their silence is an insult to us and it’s an insult to those being slaughtered.