Facebook can be a horrible time sucking site that now seems to annoy lots of people with the new set up and parameters. But I discovered this past week it can create a web of hope, positivity and Baby Power.

Sept 6th friends of ours, Jason and Marion had to bring their 5 week old son Clayton Duke to Children’s Hospital in LA. He was diagnosed with “Ventricular Septal Defect and Aortic Coarctation”, or what is known medically as “little baby heart disease”. On Sept 8th Clayton had open heart surgery. He was tough and came through it well but as anyone who has spent time in hospitals and ICU’s knows there is a roller coaster aspect to all of this. Clay has had breathing problems and now there is talk of a pacemaker.

All through this Jason and Marion have been keeping us all updated via Facebook. Even sharing pictures of Clayton’s baptism in the ICU.

I am unsure who started it but someone took a picture of their baby with a sign reading “Baby Power”. Many people have followed suit letting them know that their babies, dogs, dolls and everyone is sending “Baby Power” to Clayton Duke. And now someone has put together a video of all the pics and at the end of Clayton and family.

Now, the community that I am in consists mainly of comedians and actors who use Facebook in snarky and entertaining ways. But through this everyone has shown that our community cares deeply about each other and have been a true support for this family. And as we are scattered all over the country we stay connected. Now a site that does that can’t be all bad.

I ask you to pray for them and a quick recovery with the help of some “Baby Power” for Clayton.

Thanks. Matt and Pat’s sister