Congrats to the big brain pro-lifers. You did it. You helped to kill the Personhood amendment in Mississippi. According to the AP, at about 10:15 the referendum was being voted down 58% -42%.

Congrats to all the big brain pro-lifers out there who wouldn’t endorse this or support it publicly in any way. You see, all those little brain pro-lifers thought that you just say what you think is true and you advocate for truth loudly and often and with everything you have. But no. You see, the big brain pro-lifers are geniuses and they know better that it’s not the right time for this. They want to wait until the Supreme Court is stuffed with constructionist judges before they go ahead and attempt to protect life from the moment of conception.

You see, they’re seeing the whole chessboard. And little brain pro-lifers are still playing checkers.

Congratulations to the big brainers for denying personhood to the unborn. Congratulations for being so smart that you don’t advocate for truth but instead strategize. Congrats to handing over another victory to the pro-aborts.

Continue strategizing please. Please. Let’s not just say the truth and get behind it and push people to vote on it. And you just keep on waiting until the exact right moment. Just keep waiting…and waiting…and waiting…