It has been too long a time coming, but now one of the most prominent firms conducting embryonic stem cell research has decided to abandon the field altogether. Wesley Smith at the Corner says

Geron Corporation was the big hope for embryonic-stem-cell research. After years of promises, its first-ever human trial using an embryonic-stem-cell-derived product for acute spinal-cord injury made huge headlines internationally. But now, the Washington Post is reporting that Geron has abandoned the field altogether.

This is an atom bomb of a story that will have a serious effect on the entire regenerative medical sector. And it should embarrass the critics of President Bush; the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, which bragged about its part in funding a scientist involved in the research; and, perhaps most of all, the fawning media that have acted as press agent for both the field generally, and Geron specifically.

I agree it should be an atom bomb of a story, but probably won’t be. The MSM will ignore it and pretend that all the advance coming from Adult stem cells occurred because of ESCR.

Either way, good news. Less babies will die.