Most of you folks who read CMR regularly know that Matthew and I are not into too much navel gazing. Unlike some other bloggers, we don’t often mix it up with negative commenters or write long posts in response. Generally, for good or for bad, we like to let posts speak for themselves. Responding to negative comments can take on a life of its own and almost always results in a poorer and less interesting blog.


This is one time I will make a small exception, not to argue, just to note.

I don’t think that I can remember one single post that I have done these last years that has generated the amount of vile spittle-filled hate mail like my Register post of last week “The Death of Pretty.”

Wow. Did you know that I am a misogynistic, hate-filled, sexist, patriarchal @#$%!?

To be sure, most of the comments I have received have been positive and I have received many positive emails as well. But I have also received dozens of absolutely off-the-wall emails telling me to do many unpleasant things to myself. Twice.

From the language contained therein it is safe to assume that most of these fall into the militant feminist category. Militant being the key word. Actually, they would make real military people blush with the language the use. Sheesh. They’s madder than a one-legged woman at a sock hop. I wonder if they kiss their girlfriends with that mouth?

Anyway, apparently some of our cargo-pant and black eye-liner wearing friends think that men have absolutely no business commenting on women’s appearance.

I wonder if that is because they…

On second thought, I will just leave that alone.

If you haven’t already, check out the “Death of Pretty” and read some of the comments if you dare and tell me what you think. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.