Fifty years ago, there were real questions about whether a Catholic could win the presidency, anti-Catholic sentiment being as pervasive as it was. I think, more than anything else, the pro-life movement (lead my Catholics) has changed the landscape forever.

Politically, Catholics and evangelical Protestants are on the same page. We are home team, partners.

Check out this quote from Steve Deace, an influential Christian talk radio host in Iowa, in USA today.

“The only concern I’ve heard about Gingrich’s Catholicism is evangelicals hoping he’s had a sincere, redemptive moment. Back in the day, evangelicals were concerned Catholics would take orders from the pope. Now, given how many liberal Catholic politicians there are, evangelicals want a Catholic who actually does.

Me too brother, me too. The question for evangelicals and Catholics alike is not “Is he Catholic?” The question is “Does he believe it?”