I hate Republicans. The kind of “party” people who are every bit as addicted to governmental power as Democrats and think they know better than the average rabble in the grassroots. This smug and cowardly Senate Republican is a prime example of the type.

A prominent Republican senator just told me that if Romney can’t win in Michigan, the Republican Party needs to go back to the drawing board and convince somebody new to get into the race.

“If Romney cannot win Michigan, we need a new candidate,” said the senator, who has not endorsed anyone and requested anonymity.

The senator believes Romney will ultimately win in Michigan but says he will publicly call for the party to find a new candidate if he does not.

“We’d get killed,” the senator said if Romney manages to win the nomination after he failed to win the state in which he grew up.

“He’d be too damaged,” he said. “If he can’t even win in Michigan, where his family is from, where he grew up.”

What about Rick Santorum?

“He’d lose 35 states,” the senator said, predicting the same fate for Newt Gingrich.

It would have to be somebody else, the senator said. Who?

“Jeb Bush,” the former Florida governor.

You stupid little people, you don’t know what is good for you. Us grownups will tell you who to nominate so that we can keep doing everything the way we do it!

Dear Senator Jerk, I would rather go down with Santorum than win with your type. And if Santorum does lose, I hope to God that he takes you with him.

I hate Republicans.