A buddy of mine has a pro-choice wife. Very pro-choice. In fact, she seems almost obsessed with raising the subject any time I see her.

This past weekend I stopped by my buddy’s house to pick him up. We were taking the kids out to Valley Forge to toss a softball around. My three oldest girls all joined softball this year so they’re obsessed with learning how to play.

His wife decided to come with us. Grrr…eat!

So the kids are in the middle of a field. They’re chasing each other but they’re wearing baseball gloves so that kinda’ counts as practice, right?

I found myself standing next to the wife and she, inevitably raises the recent contraception controversy with the Obama administration. My buddy just rolled his eyes. I said I didn’t think it was a contraception issue at all but a religious liberty issue.

She smiled and said that she knew I was against abortion but that I couldn’t possibly be sooooo medieval as to be against contraception. I pointed out my five kids in the field and said, “What do you think?”

Then she advised me that the Catholic Church would be sooooo popular if they only changed their mind of abortion and contraception. She said it makes Catholics look angry all the time.

Shortly after that, a car drove slowly by. Guy was obviously a tourist. As he passed, he tossed out a cigarette stub. As much as I can’t begin to understand why folks think it’s OK to throw cigarette stubs on the road, I especially don’t understand it at a place like Valley Forge. Well, she flipped out. She starts yelling at the guy. “Hey! Hey!” She actually starts trotting after the car, yelling. The guy clearly heard her because he flipped her the bird.

The kids all stopped and watched. Her two kids seemed a bit embarassed. My kids seemed utterly shocked but tried to look away. My buddy and I were a little weirded out because she’s chasing down a dude in a car and if he gets out it’s us who are going to have to deal with him. And we’ve got our kids here too.

She comes back and rants about the guy for a while. I told her that environmentalists needs to drop the whole cigarette stub issue because it just makes them look angry.

Hey, my buddy thought it was funny.