After all the blowup over the invitation of the virulently pro-abortion author of the right-destroying HHS mandate Kathleen Sebelius, the only defense the formerly Catholic and’ presently Jesuit Georgetown could muster is that the event that Sebelius will be speaking at is not a “commencement.”

Georgetown has even gone back and edited their original announcement in which they called it a commencement ceremony. Crisis over. Nothing to see here.

“Secretary Sebelius is not speaking at Georgetown’s commencement. She is speaking at Georgetown Public Policy Institute’s annual student and faculty awards event,” Georgetown spokesman Rachel Pugh said in an email to The Cardinal Newman Society.

They must think we are as stupid as they clearly are.

So, she is not speaking at a commencement. What is she speaking at?

As CNS reports, she is speaking at an event during commencement weekend in which graduates of the Georgetown Public Policy Institute will have their names called, they will walk across a stage, and receive their diplomas. She is speaking at the event in which all these things happen, but don’t call it a commencement.

What is it with these people that that they think that changing a word and denying the obvious changes the real nature of things. Kinda like calling a creature with 46 chromosomes, a heart, a brain, fingers and toes a fetus instead of a person magically makes all the horribleness go away.

What is wrong with these people?