A federal judge asked this week if maybe the Ten Commandments could be reduced to six, you know to take all the God-ness out of them.

Judge Michael Urbanski was overseeing a case where a school board was being sued for displaying the Ten Commandments.

After raising many pointed questions about whether the commandments pass legal muster, the judge referred the case to mediation – with a suggestion:

Remove the first four commandments, which are clearly religious in nature, and leave the remaining six, which make more secular commands, such as do not kill or steal.

School officials argued that the display is not religious because it also includes historical documents such as the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence.

You know, I know they’re trying to win the case but I can’t stand that argument. Because that leads to stupid requests like this one by the judge. If it’s not about God, then why can’t the judge just edit them down?

Of course, the Ten Commandments are about God. This reminds me of those folks who argued last year that a cross should be able to stay in a military cemetery because it wasn’t religious.

In order to keep religion in public, we should stop trying to make it less religious. Christianity is supposed to change the world, let’s not make Christianity more like the world.