Last night, two things happened which surely the Romney and Obama campaigns took notice of.

RINO Dick Lugar went spectacularly down in flames (despite the invaluable Peggy Noonan endorsement) yesterday because he went squishy on us. Wait. He didn’t just go squishy. He’d taken squish on as his permanent form. The Romney campaign must take notice of this -no longer will conservatives accept liberalism which calls itself moderation.

This is two cycles in a row where RINO’s got the boot from conservative voters.

If Romney tries to go tack left now that the primary’s essentially over, he will go to the left alone. (Peggy Noonan might follow if she’s not still waxing eloquent about Obama.) I think Republicans made a big mistake in choosing Romney because I’m pretty sure what he says now ain’t the final “evolution” of Mitt Romney. And there’s lot of folks who are going into this election working hard to maintain a suspension of disbelief about Romney. But if Romney tacks left, many will wave to him as he recedes into the distance.

Speaking of evolving. Barack Obama’s White House has been signaling to folks that his position on gay marriage is “evolving.” This is his way of saying that if you vote for me I’ll stand with you. It’s kinda’ like when he transmitted to Vladimir that he’d have more…flexibility…in his second term.

Last night’s refutation of gay marriage by the electorate in North Carolina has to send shivers up Obama’s spine. It’s become clear to everyone that Obama is for gay marriage he’s just too wimpy to say it. Virginia, a few years ago, voted against gay marriage too. Obama won North Carolina in 2008. I’m pretty sure his “evolution” which the voters stood against last night is going to help him.