This is bizarre and shows just how demented things have become in England (and here).

A man walks into a therapists office, declares that he wants some Christian counseling for his unwanted same sex attraction. The Christian therapist tries to help the man.

Turns out the man is actually an undercover gay activist who reported her to the PC gestapo and now the counselor has been disciplined. You may not even disrespect homosexuality by trying to help people who don’t want to be homosexual. I quote “You must affirm their homosexuality even if they will not.”


“The BACP wanted me to have some re-training — I have to see other people, and I have to write that, in fact, I have learned to think differently,” the therapist accounts. “Well, I’m afraid that isn’t appropriate, particularly if a Christian comes to me saying that they’re distressed by the nature of their homosexuality and want me to help.”

In fact, she says, several Christians struggling with same-sex attraction have contacted her for therapy, even though the professional association has instructed her that that is not an appropriate way to work with a client. In Strudwick’s case, she was told that she should not have taken his claim that he was depressed because of his homosexuality at face value. The BACP calls Pilkington’s work to help homosexuals “reckless,” “disrespectful,” “dogmatic” and “unprofessional,” as the guidelines issued by professional associations force psychotherapists to “affirm” homosexuality, even if the client does not.


Of course, if a heterosexual wanted help to become gay, I am sure that would be fine.