All the talking heads are hung up on the concept that the Wisconsin recall election is a bellwether for the Presidential election. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I have never been a big fan of bellwether hype as local elections, even those with huge amounts of national coverage, are still local elections. You can only extrapolate so much when it comes to national elections. But for whatever it means, this seems like good news for Romney and bad news for the President.

But that should not be the real take away from Walker’s (what looks to be) resounding win in Wisconsin. The real take away is that you can kiss the third rail and live to talk about it.

Governors across the country quake in their boots when it comes to direct confrontation with the unions. You don’t mess with them because they have gobs of money, incredible organizing skills, and very low moral standards. If you are dumb enough to directly confront the unions, You. Will. Lose.

Scott Walker just proved that wrong.

Nobody, not Chris Christie, nobody took on the unions the way that Scott Walker did. He went right after the heart of the unions by going after their automatic dues collecting ability and more. As a result, thousands of odoriferous idiots in birkenstocks occupied the capitol for months. Dem lackeys of the unions even fled the state to try and stop it. They demonized Scott Walker like he was Gary Condit, Adolf Hitler, and that gay-porn cannibal all rolled into one. The left in this country pulled out all the stops to prevent Walker from continuing his quest.

But Walker persisted to the end and accomplished his goal. For all his trouble, the loons gathered enough signatures to force an unjust recall election. The unions poured more money into this election than secret service agents on spring break. They left no stone unturned.

And Walker survived.

As of this writing, it looks like Walker will win by a very large margin. This is a stunning rebuke of the unions and their thuggery and a signal to evey other governor who might consider going after the unions that are bankrupting their states. You can win this fight.

You can do the right thing and survive politically. As far as bellwethers go, that is a pretty darn big one.