Sorry to double up on the same subject that Pat hit last night but it seems to me that there’s obviously winners and losers from last night’s Scott Walker beatdown of the unions.

Obama is obviously the loser here because he essentially turned his back on Wisconsin as well as the unions by tweeting his support of Walker, rather than actually showing up or spending any political capital on the race. It seems to me that when he now asks unions or Wisconsin Democrats for help in his race they might just tweet him their support right back and end it there.

But the big winer, it seems to me, is Paul Ryan. Ryan may have increased his attractiveness as a vice presidential nominee. Last night, Walker made Wisconsin a swing state and if Romney adds Ryan to the ticket they could possibly take Wisconsin, a pretty hardcore blue state. That would make Romney’s path to the presidency a lot easier. A lot easier.

On the plus side, a lot of pro-life fiscally conservative folks would feel very good about the Ryan pick. Ryan’s also Catholic and in an election year where the Obama administration has declared war on the Catholic Church, that could prove of importance.

Of course, Ryan’s budget would then become a centerpiece of the campaign and it would have Romney having to defend Ryan’s budget which is not what Romney wants to be doing. But let’s face it, the Dems are going to run adds of Romney tossing old people off cliffs no matter what he does.

I think Ryan would be a great choice. You?