Rep. G.K. Butterfield, D-N.C., reportedly suggested that the United States Supreme Court along with conservatives are participating in a racist “right-wing conspiracy” to restore Jim Crow-era laws to disenfranchise black Americans.

He added: “Trust us: when the Congressional Black Caucus tells you that a voter ID law will be detrimental to black empowerment — black political empowerment — we know what we are talking about and it is for real.”

Wait a second. I thought I was for voter i.d. laws because I hated hispanics. But now I’m being told that I secretly want voter i.d. laws because I hate black people? I’m very confused about who I hate.

And I’m even more confused when I think about the logic of the allegation because a main argument is that black people are poor (mainly because America is sooooo racist) and they can’t afford the $20 it takes to get an identification. But many black people live in cities which are primarily controlled by the Democrat party. So if the issue were actually that black people can’t afford identification, couldn’t the Democrat party in control of cities lessen the cost? Couldn’t the Democrat party make a push for less expensive identification?

But since they’re not making pushing to make identification less expensive for black people, doesn’t that make the Democrat Party racist?

But…that…can’t be true. I’ve always been told that the Democrat Party is the party of benevolence and tolerance and highmindedness, right?