I know it will come as a shock to you, but it seems that lefty hero and jerk Fr. Robert Drinan SJ, Jesuit turned congressman, who favored the right to murder babies may have been a really bad guy. I know, I know. He has been accused of sexual assault.

People will not welcome Emily Yoffe’s allegation in Slate that Fr. Robert Drinan, the congressman-priest who became the spiritual father of pro-choice Catholicism, once assaulted her:

Several years earlier, my family had worked for the election of our congressman, Father Robert Drinan, an anti-Vietnam War, pro-choice priest. He was in town for a fundraiser or town meeting, and I went. Afterward he offered me a ride to the subway. (You’d think I would have learned.) He was in his 50s, and as he drove we chatted about college. We got to where he was letting me off, he turned off the engine, and he began jabbering incoherently about men and women. Then he lunged, shoving his tongue in my mouth while running his hands over my breasts and up and down my torso. It seems like the set-up for a joke, a Jewish woman being molested by a Jesuit. As we tussled, I had probably the most naïve thought of my life: “How could this be happening, he’s a priest!”

I know he is dead and can’t defend himself, but so are all the babies that died because of his support of abortion.

It is always such a surprise when such bad people turn out to be bad people, no?